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Toyota Tsusho Otomotiv San. ve Tic. A.S. was established in 2004 as a direct investment of Toyota Tsusho Europe SA (TTESA). TTESA is a TTC group company, conducting all Toyota Tsusho operations in Europe, except UK. TTESA has branches in 9 countries in Europe: Belgium (HO), France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech, Hungary, Turkey, Russia.

For over half a century since its establishment in 1948, Toyota Tsusho Corporation has been building a global sales network as the only trading company of the Toyota Motor Group. TTC involved in undertaking a wide range of businesses from trading, manufacturing and processing to retail and services throughout the world. The Toyota Tsusho group consists of 176 subsidiaries and affiliates in all 5 continents. Biggest division in Toyota Tsusho is metal department. Metal department business is metal supply chain management by ordering, storing, processing and planning logistics.


1) VISION 2015 - Lead the Next -

We will establish a portfolio (earning structure) that is balanced between the automotive and non-automotive fields in 2015.



Making the implementation of three principles the basis for everyday tasks, and through two value creation processes, and attaining value creation from our customers' point of view: we will make three things a reality.

An indomitable spirit

never give up, act with
passion to achieve goal

A progressive spirit

be always a step ahead to help out our customers. Create functions and businesses

Inquiring the true needs of the customer

By visiting the actual places, seeing the actual things and make the right decisions

Putting PDCA* into practice

*Plan Do Check Action

Without being bound by stereotypes or prejudices bring the problem to Light and carry out improvements and innovations.

Individual Power

Set tasks and accomplish them independently.
Always try to improve own abilities.


Build trust and act in cooperation
Provide positive impact to the team